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Low price and high quality

At ConSet low price and high quality are not opposite parametres. Large production series combined with systematic quality control gives us the homogeneity, which is the basis for good quality. This means that item no. 27 and no. 1041 are identical. If we have to choose between several solutions in the construction, we always choose the least complex one - there is no reason to make things more complicated than necessary.

Large production series and low complexity make a low price, so we find that low price and high quality go very well together.

We keep our promises! When it comes to both specifications and deliveries. When it comes to the visual quality our best advice would be to see the product at one of our dealers before purchasing. The concept of what is nice and what is not, and whether a motor makes the right sound etcetera is very individual.

Quality policy and quality control

Everyone in our organization and in those of our supplyers conduct themselves critically to the quality of both products and working methods. But people do make mistakes and quality is percepted differently from person to person. This is why we have determined a quality policy stating our general guidelines/attitude in ConSet A/S (download at the bottom of the page). 

The majority of the production units in Germany and China are ISO 9000 certified. This helps ensure that our products are treated in the same way in EVERY production series. But most importantly, Con Set spends 100% perfectionism in the elaboration of production drawings and quality stipulations.

Below you can download our quality policy, examples of certification etc.


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