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Price policy

We have chosen only to sell through dealers. The dealers are free to sell and market at any price they like. This means that the prices for our products can differ from one dealer to the next. This is only fair, since the level of how much advice and service the dealers provide is very different. And it is fair, because some dealers are more efficient than others. It would be foolish to pay too much! But would be more foolish to buy the wrong product because the dealer failed to give advice.


Basically, all ConSet prices are based on calculation. Some companies stipulate their prices based on market conditions - we do not. Our method ensures that our customers get the best possible prices based on costprices and a suitable profit for the further development of ConSet. If the prices are too high, then our costprices are also too high. So either the construction or the production is not optimum; which means that we shall have to improve. ConSet sources globally and must adjust to changing conditions.

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