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Germany, Denmark and China

ConSet products are manufactures wherever it is done best and at the best price. Basically, this means that the table tops and the motors come from Germany and the other metal parts from China. The assemble process is also done in China. In Denmark we have a wood and metal workshop, where we make all special assignments.


ConSet spends a lot of ressources on being present at the production locations.  For example by sending employees from Denmark to the production units in Germany and China several times every year to check up on quality, implement new products, educate personnel etc.


Furthermore, we use independent quality controllers on some of the production units to ensure an impartial quality control performed according to our premises and by our standards.

Elektronic prodution.



The name ConSet is a combination of Construction and Set-up. In brief it means that the engineering team at ConSet in Denmark is the core of any construction and development of products down to the smallest screw. The rest of the organization in Denmark ensures that the complex Set-up with logistics and production worldwide is always functioning.


Test of transformers. 


Stock in Skjern.



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