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Where is ConSet 5 years from now?

Product development/Assortment:

We do not believe that the competition will become any easier in the years to come. We intend to improve when it comes to quality, design and price. We shall need more models and eventually we can become an overall supplyer of office furniture.



Customers and dealers experience a high levet of safety when dealing with ConSet. They are familiar with a differentiated service system, where you get  what you pay for.



The products are manufactured in 3 different countries with low wages, so different from one another that the combination covers any risk of incapability in delivering.


Logistics and Delivery:

In the countries where we have our own sales companies ConSet offers the best delivery times on the market. We have buffer stock in the 3 countries, where we have placed our production, for handling direct deliveries world-wide.


Employees and Automation:

In 5 years we will have more employees and their conditions will be even better. Where and when they work is on a grand scale left to the employees to decide. On the other hand have they been met with greater demands; for example has the turnover per employee been doubled. 



Almost everywhere in the world the demands concerning ergonomic office furniture is somewhat different from that in the North. This is a fact, which cannot be altered on the short term. However, we are very positive about the turnover in other countries. Through our intensive focus on product development we intend to succeed with prices matching tables without motor. Once electric windows in cars were a luxury; they are no longer, and electric tables will go the same way. And in 5 years we will have:

  • Sales companies in 8 countries.
  • Importer/agents in 10 countries.
  • Occasional sales in 10 other countries.

Ethics and Environment:

ConSet products are typically manufactured in countries with lower demands concerning environmental conditions than for example in Denmark.  ConSet is neither political nor religious, but our contribution is information about conditions relevant to our customers.  This means that we have an open mind to all ways of production, but we always offer "identical" products, no matter where or how they are manufactured. Conditions irrelevant to some, but crucial to others. In brief we intend to always comply with any law or rule in any country, at the same time tying our own morals and ethics when choosing where to have our products manufactured.

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