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Being an innovator

Although we have been in business since 2000, entrepreneurship is still a major part of our business identity.


For the owners, and the employees who have joined us in the course of time, the joy of having developed our company is immense. The pioneer spirit and the humility are here to stay.


We intend to sow more than we harvest, and harvest what we sow.


ConSet started in a basement in Skjern. We, i.e. 3 engineers (and former colleagues), had a mutual dream of starting our own business. We had 10 ideas but chose the one named sit/stand tables at reasonable prices, quit our jobs and started developing products and company. We had no trade- or product knowledge, but we were convinced that this was the gap we were meant to fill. 


We established a company with limited liability. The start-up was financed by ourselves, a bank and the Growth Foundation. 

Should anyone have the inclination to do something similar, we would like to share our experiences. Send an e-mail  from here. It does, however, have to be relevant; otherwise it would be a waste of time, and we would be of no use at all.


In the link below you can download some of the story from our very start.


The start.pdf


Best regards

Gert Lassen, Jesper Ostergaard og Michael Overgaard


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