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Height adjustable desk frames
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Silver, Black or White - 1-column, 2-column, 3-column, Bench or wall-mounted desk frame?

Wall-mounted frames
The wall-mounted height adjustable desk frame is a space-saving and practial choice. Perfect for small tabletops, and perfect when you do not want any feet getting in your way.
1-column frames
The 1-column desk frame is very suitable for smaller tabletops. A perfect choice for smaller work stations.
2-column frames
The 2-column frame is the most ordinary height adjustable desk frame, used for normal office desk.
3-column frames
For large office desks and angle desks the 3-column frames are a good solution.
Bench frames
Many desks are placed back to back in offices - this double desk fits perfectly into furnishing the office with the maximum of benefits when it comes to cleaning, space for the legs and electrical wires not being on the floor.

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