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Product development is a cornerstone in  ConSet´s strategy. We spend a lot of ressources in that area and keep trying to optimize our products or find completly new ways of solving the assignments.


Our products could easily be silent, slim and designed by an Italian. But the proportions to the prices makes justification for the customers. It is no easier to give value for money than just to give value.


Sit/stand tables were "invented" many years ago, but they can still become both better and cheaper. In deed they have to to appeal beyond northern Europeans.

Download: Certificate of Patent for Invention.pdf

Companies investing in product development and not just "copying" the main stream need barriers and protection. We accomplish that by fast reactions and patents. The vital principles in our products are all patented.


Product development has been separated from the daily operation and is located somewhere else.

  • ConSet A/S
  • Nygade 63
  • 6900 Skjern.

Our workshop holds all necessary facilities to produce prototypes and perform tests on strength, durability and stability.


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