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501-19 Tilt device - whole top tilt
501-19 Tilt device - whole top tilt
Item no.: 501-19 V-HEL
The tilt bracket for the 501-19 and 501-23 frames, fits all table tops. When using the bracket in 501-23 configurations, 1. pc. of bracket is needed for each column.

With this bracket it is possible to tilt the table top up to a 45 degree angle. When adjusting the tilt, a metal ratchet fitting clicks with 10 clicks within the 0-45 degrees.

The tilt bracket is easy to mount and can be retro-fitted.

Power supply and wiring are easily placed and hidden underneath the bracket itself.
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Item no.:
501-19 V-HEL
501-19 Tilt device - whole top tilt
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AmountItem no.DescriptionStock
1501-19 V-HEL501-19 - Manuel tilt full top

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Item no.Length (cm)Width (cm)Height (cm)Weight (kg)EAN
501-19 V-HEL532750,505704142121498
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Item no.: 501-19 V-HEL

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