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Series 501-88, width 112-152 cm, 100 kg, Black / Item no.: 501-88 7B112-152

Functional bench desk with an open frame design. The 501-88 is very suitable for large office environments and the design makes it easy to seperate the desks from each other with a partition screen. Minimize cable clutter and mount a cable tray, which also makes cleaning a lot easier. The upper telescoping bracket enables the frames width to adjust from 112cm to 152cm. 501-88 is a functional, robust and durable desk for all purposes.

The height ranges from 65cm to 125cm with 100kg of lifting capacity and the 501-88 is delivered in black (RAL 9004).


Download drawings: 501-88_112-152.pdf | 501-88_112-152.dwg


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